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Maharashtra, India.


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Developer, Service Provider of OMT-500, OMT-105 Self Lubrication Bearings, For Heavy Load Applications and our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.
OMT-105 is a self lubrication bearing for heavy load applications. It consists of a high strength brass alloy base, prepared through an advanced castings technique in which for self lubricating feature with special solid lubricants embedded

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Bearing Properties Unit Value
Maximum specific load Static N/mm2   Psi 100    14500
Maximum specific load dynamic N/mm2   Psi 25    3625
Maximum sliding speed (Dry) m/s    fpm 0.4    79
Maximum sliding speed (Oil) 51000
Maximum PxV factor N/mm2;x    m/s 3.8
Dry coefficient of friction µm 0.16
Maximum temperature oC    oF +300oC    +572oF
Minimum temperature oC    oF +40oC    +40oF
Shaft finish Ra (recommended) µm 0.4 Ra
Shaft hardness (recommended) HB 200

Operating Conditions

Dry Very Good
Oil Good
Grease Good
Water Good
Process fluid Good