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Maharashtra, India.


We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Developer, Service Provider of OMT-G10 Self Lubricated Bearings and our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

OMT-G is a thermoplastic material with fiber and solid lubricant and having good features like dry self lubrication, low friction and minimum wear with excellent service life. Also it has good chemical and good abrasive strength.

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General Properties Unit Value Test method
Density g/cm3 1,46
Color Dark gray
Max. moisture absorption in water at 24 hr.(23 -% 0,65 DIN    53495
Coefficient of surface friction, dynamic, against steel µ 0,08 - 0,15
p x v value, max. (dry) MPa x    m/s 0,42
Mechanical properties
Bending E-module MPa 7.800 DIN    53457
Bending strength at 20o C MPa 210 DIN    53452
Compressive strength MPa MPa
Maximum recommended surface pressure (20° C) MPa 80
Physical and thermal properties
Upper long-term application temperature o C 30
Upper short-term application temperature o C 220
Lower application temperature o C -40
Heat [W/m x K] 0,24 ASTM C 177
Coefficient of thermal expansion (at 23o C) [K-1 x 10-5 ] 9 DIN 53752
Electrical properties
Specific forward resistance Ocm > 1013 DIN IEC 93
Surface resistance O > 1011 DIN 53482